About Us

A Family Passion

For the Kennas, fresh Maine lobster is more than a hobby. It’s a passion that’s been handed down for generations, and that continues to excite each day.

Although they’ve lived in the DC area for almost thirty years, the owners of Lobster Maine-ia are no strangers to New England culture and cuisine. In fact, both Kim and Ray boast deep family connections to Maine, and to the food that makes it famous.

Kim’s grandparents were born in Canada, and moved to Auburn, Maine in the early 1900s. Every summer since the late 1930s, Kim’s mother and grandparents vacationed at Sebago Lake. Even after her mother moved away, the family tradition at Sebago continued—along with the loads of fresh lobster they’d come to love! When Kim married Ray, he was a natural addition to the family, having spent his college years in New Hampshire and with his own family connections to Maine. They raised their seven children in the tradition of summers at Sebago Lake. Naturally, lots of lobster was involved!

Sharing the Lobster Love

Like any good thing, lobster is best when shared with others. In 1989, Kim and Ray started a new tradition, returning back to the DC area with twenty lobsters and plans for a first annual “lobster feast.” Over the years the feast grew, and the love quickly spread. The Kenna lobster feast was a summer highlight—and friends and family worked hard not to miss it!

Kim and Ray soon realized that people were fawning over the fresh Maine lobster. No matter where else they ordered it, the sweet taste and soft texture was missing. It just wasn’t the same.

Soon, the couple was taking orders for their summer trip to Sebago Lake. But no matter how hard they tried, they simply couldn’t keep up!

The Family Business is Born

In 2013, with their son Nick home from college, Kim and Ray began the process of creating Lobster Maine-ia.  The whole family worked together to get their dream off the ground.

Initially only carrying lobsters, they recognized a demand for a greater variety of seafood.  Customers shared that while nothing beats lobster for a special occasion, they desired high-quality seafood all the time. At first, the Kennas expanded their products to scallops and salmon. Today they carry a wide variety of seafood options, including rare items such as truly fresh, never frozen Chilean Seabass, Ora King Salmon, Sea Urchin, and Bluefin Tuna.  

What hasn’t changed in the almost decade since Lobster Maine-ia’s founding, is that it remains a small family-run business.  Joe might be out front taking your order for salmon while also sharing his favorite way to cook it.  Nick can usually be found cutting fish in the back – after all, cutting 100 lb tuna does take awhile.  Or you could see Claire, Anna, or RJ running the stand at your local farmer’s market.  The Kenna family is proud to keep doing what they do best: providing the DC area with its freshest and finest seafood!